Our Services  

We work directly with home owners, architects, interior designers, or a company’s in house staff to develop projects.

We field survey every job before beginning any project to insure that the proposed cabinetry will fit the intended space, function as intended, and have a seamless installation.

The installation is a very important part of the success of each project. Our installations are done to the highest standards. The piece will not only fit well, but will become a seamless part of the space. The person who crafts the cabinetry in our shop will also do the installation.

Complete architectural drawings can be produced for any project. We have working relationships with several interior designers and architects should the need arise for assistance in layout, space planning, architectural drawings for submittals, or material selection in the planning of any project.

We work with all species of domestic and exotic hardwoods and softwoods in both veneers and solid woods.

We can also incorporate metals, stone, glass, and lighting into projects. We work with plastic laminates as well as with solid surfacing and we are a Dupont Corian Certified Fabricator.

The fabrication and finishing of projects are all done in house at our Edison facility to insure the highest standards.

Color and stain matching are our specialty and samples are submitted for customer’s approval. We create a variety of finishes depending on the desired appearance of the end product and the durability that best suits its use. We use lacquer, conversion varnish, or polyurethane finishing products in open pore, closed pore, or polished applications.

Refinishing and touch up services both on and off site are available.