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Working directly with your in house staff, or with your architect or interior designer Bennett Cabinets can help develop and complete your project. We have established many on going relationships with companies through our quality of product, responsiveness to the clients’ needs and scheduling, team work, and flexibility that we bring to every project. Projects vary from the alteration of existing facilities to better suit changing needs to entire office interiors. Our work has included board rooms, conference tables, credenzas, media and a/v units, receptions desks, seating areas, podiums, office desks and furniture, display cabinets, work stations, entry doors, transoms, paneling, trim, planters, cafeterias, pantries, and work counters. We work with a variety of materials including all species of hardwoods and veneers, metals, glass, stone, solid surfacing, and plastic laminates. Our finishing department specializes in matching stain colors. We work with lacquers, varnishes, and polyurethane in both open pore and closed pore applications depending on the desired durability and appearance.